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Dearqueologia is a blog is an eclectic mix of items about history and society adding context to what is happening today. It features information, anecdotes, articles, news and links to interesting history related items from across the word.

The blog was originally conceived as a platform to inform readers of latest happenings and breaking news about history and archaeology. This remains our primary function. But with the passage of time we have grown to be an online authoritative voice and covers podcasts, links and books as well. During the period we have added several features that we thought our audience would find engaging and useful. We intend to promote the study and understanding of the history of the world. The blog is run by volunteer editors, historians, authors, teachers and students.

Dearqueologia is a forum where readers can participate in contemporary debates about the historical issues impacting the society. We intend to promote active citizenship, enrich respected debate and discussion in our society, and increase the diversity and influence of ideas in the national discussion. We offer cutting-edge content, commentary on issues that are pertinent to the community

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We are devoted to provide the sobering facts and details that everyone should have known about the past, but were never told.

The opinions and views expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. This blog welcome the engagement of all who are interested in history. We accept submissions from our readers who participate in the blog through their opinion pieces, research and much more.

We showcase a range of posts on academic research and life.

The blog reaches a large number of readers that include intellectuals, students, pundits, and history buffs. We encourage you to contribute your own knowledge on this website. Writing for us will stand you good stead in finding right audience for your ideas and publications. We reserve the right to select your submission for publication.

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